There are two ways to do Bandits on this page. Watch both videos!

First you need to click on the Battle Tab followed by clicking on the Event Button. Last you click Join under Eliminate Bandits.


Suggestion 1:

Watch this video before you do anything so that you can see the safe spots. I know the hero stats worry you but do not fret, it still can be done with lower stats.

Video for safe spots.

Suggestion 2: 

Use Mithril set for archers to boost the attack of your T6 Archers. The Purple set Outstanding Light is better but not completely necessary.

Suggestion 3: 

When you are down to the last two stacks of bandits move your pet closer to the flag area so that it can tank a tower or two when you are ready to take care of the center/flag. The best kind of pet to tank towers would be a Vitality pet, second best is Crafty. I suggest that you use one with 15,000 or more HP.

Experience for Bandits is as Follows:

  1. If you fail you will still receive 10 million exp.
  2. If you take out the center/flag only you will get 50 million exp.
  3. If you take out all Bandits and the Center you will get 225 Million exp.
  4. If you take out all Bandits, the towers and the center/flag you will get 250 Million exp.


If you do not take out the Center/Flag you will fail Bandits and only receive 10 million exp.

Here is another Video eliminating everything.

Bandits demo

Bandits demo

Doing More than 1 Bandit

You may purchase a Bandit Eliminating Order from the Mall for 15 points or vouchers under the Hero Support tab.


This item will allow you to do up to 3 extra Bandits a day with a total of 4 times.