Battlefield is a Hero vs Hero capture the flag game. No troops are used let alone lost in this. Two teams fill up with 6 players each and battle for flags and the glory of being the winning team.

Join As shown in the picture above you must click on the Event Button to Join Battlefield.

As shown in the picture below you also need to pick a team to join. Your hero must be level 50 or above to join and it will cost you 1,000 Gold as well. There is a 20 minute time period that you must wait between each Battlefield.

Bf The picture below shows you the map in which you will fight in. Your hero will respawn 10 seconds after being killed and you can continue to help your team. There are two places to spawn, the top left corner and the bottom right corner, until a flag is captured by your team then you spawn near that flag. Bfmap In the picture below you can see that you can gain Honor and Carnage for taking place in this Event. There are also 3 top awards:

  • MVP: The person who made the most contribution to the fight.
  • Bloody Devil: The person who killed the most Enemies in the Battle.
  • Femal Place-Setter: The person who captured the most flags.