Egypt's Civilization has a bonus to research speed, allowing Egyptian players to rush the research on their Specialty Troops earlier in the game than the other civilizations. Egypt also receives a bonus to Siege Weaponry for attacking Buildings i.e. Towers of Contested Zones, Central Buildings of Contested Zones, Player's Buildings in Outposts, etc.

Egypt also recieves a 20% bonus to Metal Production.

Egypt's Position on the in game world map places it between Rome and Pesia and farther away from China. The northern and north eastern provinces of Egypt allow players to plunder rival civilizations with ease. Egyptian players seeking to focus on growth may want to consider a more southern locale.



Troops consume food hourly based upon their level (tier). Each troop type has a specific function, some you use for leveling, some for PvP battles. You will need troops to carry food on your hero to move around the world map. Troop training time is different per level and level of the building used to create said troop.


This is where you can train Peltasts and Pikeman. Pikemen are weak against Peltasts but strong against Cavalry. Peltasts are weak against Cavalry but stong against Pikemen. A translating mistake in this building is the T3 Pikes, they are called "Desert Guard Cavalry", nothing to be alarmed about just a slight error.

Imperial Desert Pikemen


Imperial Desert Axemen


Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Desert Axeman (T1) 70 6 15 1-1
Elite Desert Axeman (T2) 110 9 20 1-1
Desert Guard Axeman (T3) 170 10.5 25 1-1
Imperial Desert Axeman (T4) 250 12 35 1-1
Egyptian Armed Forces (T6) 800 220 100 1-1
Desert Pikeman (T1) 70 7.5 10 1-1
Elite Desert Pikeman (T2) 110 10.5 15 1-1

Desert Guard Cavalry

(Desert Guard Pikeman) (T3)

170 12 20 1-1
Imperial Desert Pikeman (T4) 250 13.5 30 1-1
Egyptian Shock Brigade (T6) 700 240 80 1-1

Archery Range

This is where you can train Archers which are your basic leveling troops. These are weak troops but have range, so while you hero can take damage your archers can shoot from behind your hero. Archers have a weak defense and are easily killed, however using troop gear from ladder and troop buffing food they become quite dangerous.

Pharoah Archer


Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Pharoah Archer (T1) 45 6 10 1-7
Elite Pharoah Archer (T2) 60 9 15 1-7

Guard Pharoah Archer (T3)

90 10.5 20 1-7
Imperial Pharoah Archer (T4) 150 12 25 1-7
Egyptian Soldier (T6) 600 230 80 1-7


This building is where you can train Cavalry. This unit is strong against Peltasts while it is weak against Pikemen.

Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Desert Cavalry (T1) 80 24 10 1-1
Elite Desert Cavalry (T2) 120 28 15 1-1
Guard Desert Cavalry (T3) 180 36 20 1-1
Imperial Desert Cavalry (T4) 260 40 30 1-1
Egyptian Ranger (T6) 850 240 100 1-1


This building is to train Siege Weapons. Siege weapons are good when attacking a CZ but can also be used while leveling. However they have a poor defense so easily killed.


Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Heavy Crossbow (T1) 45 72 5 5-10
Elite Heavy Crossbow (T2) 60 84 10 5-10
Guard Heavy Crossbow (T3) 90 108 15 5-10
Imperial Heavy Crossbow (T4) 150 120 25 5-10
Trebuchet (T1) 55 90 5 10-13
Elite Trebuchet (T2) 80 120 15 10-13
Defense Trebuchet (T3) 120 150 20 10-13
Imperial Trebuchet (T4) 180 180 20 10-13
Egyptian Cannon (T6) 800 500 60 10-12


This building makes your specialty units, Chariots and Anubis Guards (T5). Chariots are ranged cavalry that are extremely helpful when leveling and one of the more powerful units in the game, however are weak against Pikemen and strong against Peltasts. Anubis Guards are Pikeman type unit that are weak against Peltasts while strong against Cavaliers.




Anubis Guard

Type/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Chariots (T5) 600 90 75 1-7
Anubis Guard (T5) 400 60 36 1-1