Guild tasks

A Guild is a group of players that all have the same goals. First to create a guild, you will need 250,000 Gold to start it and you choose the name of the Guild. (We suggest you keep the name within the ToS and don't make it a vulgar or demeaning name) To the right you see an example of what guild tasks will look like.

At the start of your guild you can recruit 12 members to get you started. These 12 people will need to finish guild tasks and collect ore from collection points or level 10 lairs to get the Guild Hall done so that you can start your Cabinent which will allow you new members.
Collection point

Collection Points and Level 10 Lairs are where you will find ore to upgrade your guild buildings and skills.



You will need 10 Members and a total of 150,000 Glory to declare on a Contested Zone.