Hero MonumentEdit

Each civilization can build a Hero Monument. You MUST build this BEFORE you progress in each age, otherwise you will have to spend 50 points or vouchers to be able to upgrade it for each age you have missed.

In the Savage Age is when you first build your Hero Monument, which will cost you 100,000 Gold. (The System will send you a gift pack with your first 100,000 Gold to build this)

Next Age is Dark Age which you will need 1,000,000 Gold to build it. This seems to be the most difficult one that slows down a player. Plundering an enemy civilization for the gold will help you advance here.

Feudal Age is third where you will need 2,000,000 Gold to build. In this age you can hire your merchants and move them to make your gold for it, it also helps to plunder.

Castle Age would be the fourth Hero Monument build, which will cost you 4,000,000 Gold. Seems expensive at this point but very obtainable through merchants and plundering.

Fifth stage is Empire Age which will cost you 8,000,000 Gold.

Final stage is Firearms Age where you can upgrade the Hero Monument to level 10. Each lever requires more gold, level 6 uses 10,000,000. Level 7 requires 12,000,000 Gold. Level 8 requires 14,000,000 Gold. Level 9 requires 16,000,000 Gold. Level 10 requires 20,000,000 Gold. Upgrading the Hero Monument in Firearms Age will get you the new T6 Troops.

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Hero Monument TasksEdit

You can find these tasks in the Event Tab.


This will give you some resources and your T5 troops to help you level faster.