In the Misc. Section are Hero skills. You click the skill, then click "Learn". Hero skills consume MP when used. They require your hero to be above a certain level and have an attribute be above a certain number to learn. The maximum level of skills is level 3. You can get skills from lairs. To learn a level 2 skill, you must learn the level 1 skill first, so you cannot simply learn the level 2 skill and skip the level 1 skill. There are requirements for learning certain skills, meaning your hero needs to be over a certain level and have more than a certain amount of a certain stat. I divide hero skills into the categories of Slowing-Down skills, Targeting skills, AoE skills, and Enhancement skills. The game just does Power, Command, Constitution, and Intelligence skills (boring )

In the battle, use skills by selecting your hero and clicking the skill followed by clicking on a target (such as another hero). You can equip a maximum of 6 skills per hero.

Slowing-Down skills can slow down or stop heroes or soldiers. These include Assassin's Vine, Mud Trap, and Quicksand. Targeting skills do damage to one solider/hero. These include skills such as Shock Assault, Poison, Sword Breaker and Focus Strike. AoE skills deal a certain amount of damage to all soldiers/heroes around your hero and in range. These skills include Flood and Pyromania. Enhancement skills will increase the speed of attack, movement speed, strength of attack, or defense of heroes/soldiers. These skills include Focus, Stampede, Sprint, Blitz, Phalanx and Overwhelming Force.

When using a skill, you must have the required amount of Power, Command, Constitution, or Intelligence for the skill to work. For Example, if you have a skill that requires 185 power to learn, but got around that with a restoration medal and now your hero has 40 power, your hero will be unable to use that skill.

When your hero has more of a stat, the skill will be more effective. For example, a hero with greater Intelligence will do more damage with the Flood skill than a hero with low Intelligence because Flood is an Intelligence skill.

When you unlearn a skill, the skill is deleted.

Learning skills

The skills you have can be viewed under the consumables section in the inventory tab of your hero. Select the skill you want to learn and click "Learn" to equip your hero with that skill. Each skill has specific requirements which need to be completed before it can be learned such as a set Hero level, set attribute points as well as the lower levels of the corresponding skil (Example: A level 3 Blitz cannot be learnt, without first learning both level 1 and level 2). A hero can be equipped with a maximum of 6 six skills.