You can add runes to help with your hero stats. There are quite a few different types and chosing which is best for you and your hero is entirely up to you. 


The first step to making Runes for your hero would be to disintegrate the gear that you do not need/want. You can do this by clicking on your inventory then clicking on a gear or rune and chosing the disintegrate option.

You will then have a pop up that looks as follows:


Here is where you select the gear and/or runes that you wish to dispose of and make into powder.


The next step would be to refine your powders into Runes. To do this you need to open your Smithy and Click on the  Refine tab shown below.


You can chose the Quality of Powder which would be Green, Blue or Purple. When refining, it can create a Rune of Higher color or Lower color. i.e. Refining Blue Powder can create Green, Blue or Purple Runes. 

Quenching Edit

The last step would be to add the Runes that you want to your heroes gear to improve it. You also do this in the Smithy but in the Quench tab as shown below. Select your gear in the top box and the rune you wish to add in the lower box, then hit the quench button on the bottom left.