World Map Locations

City Co-ordinates
Batala 3041, 651
Dawn of Chaos 2373, 659
Ghadamis 1986, 783
Ha'il 2421, 727
Samara 2831, 228
Tohana 3047, 789
Tuymazy 2898, 191
Vallata 1885, 783

Yeti Strategy

As with other sections I am not claiming that the following is the only way or the best way to do things, but it certainly an effective way to kill a yeti.

Yeti world boss is a little differant to other encounters with just a single mob to defeat, a mob that deals area of effect damage. They apear throughout the contested zones each day beside the contested cities. To defeat a yeti you will need 1 stack of peltists, 3 stacks of pikemen and NO other troops. Yetis drop some nice items including platinum keys, war boxes, reviving stones and rare boss pets but there is a limited number of spawns each day so on some servers you will need to be quick if you want to attempt one. Yeti will spawn every 2 hours with the Firearms Expansion.

Yeti troops

Keep your hero and pet back and engage with your peltasts first, allowing them to gain agro and tank the yetis main attacks. Then bring in your pikeman to deal the damage, aided by skills like overwhelming force but under no circumstances do you use a direct target skill like vine, earthquake etc or the yeti will switch targets and very quickly kill your pikemen.




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